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The world of higher education is in the middle of an unprecedented period of expansion.

Those responsible for the security of students and staff, facilities and assets are under increasing pressure to deliver a security infrastructure that will not only meet current and future needs but also provide a range of value added applications.

This White Paper explores the advantages of the smart card, examines the benefits of new technologies and the rise of different applications while looking at future trends that will impact your long-term security strategy.
  • Read about the challenges of creating a future-proof access control solution and the range of value-added applications that are transforming life both on and off campus for students, staff and visitors.
  • Learn about the relationships that are being developed between educational organisations and third party providers such as banks and transport providers.
  • Find out how smartphones carrying digital keys are being used to streamline the card management process.
Download the White Paper gives invaluable insight into the current and future direction of the contactless smart card solution within the educational environment. It provides comprehensive overview of the trends that are influencing the deployment and management of student ID cards today, tomorrow and in the future.

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