Improve billing accuracy and add trust to in-home care, with confidence

HID Global

As an increasing number of patients are requiring home healthcare, delivering secure quality in-home care is becoming difficult and costly to manage and monitor mobile clinicians.

Additionally, discussions as how to cut spending and improve billing accuracy are on the forefront amongst federal legislators and healthcare administrators. To streamline billing processes and to manage their rapidly changing paradigm, healthcare organizations are using electronic visit verification (EVV) to communicate with mobile workforce, monitor whether home healthcare is provided, to the right patient for the prescribed amount of time.

Read this paper to learn how integrating HID Global’s Trusted Tag Services with digital documentation software or other healthcare management applications, healthcare agencies experience a secure EVV solution that includes:
  • Precise secure proof of presence, organizational accountability and data accuracy
  • Protect and reduce billing errors
  • Compliance with EVV mandates and billing requirements of insurance payers, including government programs
  • Trust that you can stay true to the mission – deliver quality care

You will also learn about the challenges facing home healthcare providers, payers, and patients and the role of implementing a secure electronic visit verification solution leveraging Trusted Identification technology.

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