White Paper

Technology Report: Access Control in Higher Education

HID Global

Safety is a major concern among parents and prospective students as they consider which college or university to attend, and access control systems are an essential element of a secure campus. Higher education institutions are seeking ways to embrace technology as a means of improving their operations and attracting students. These considerations are driving the discussion of access control in higher education and how it impacts every department and stakeholder.

To bring attention to these changes, HID Global and Genetec commissioned a report based on jointly conducted research. The result of that effort, Technology Report: Access Control in Higher Education, provides findings and insights about access control in higher education.


Read the report to learn how to:

  • Navigating specific challenges for Higher Education, including the drivers and obstacles to improving user convenience, taking advantage of new technology, integrating systems and expanding or consolidating facilities
  • Recognizing the opportunities to innovate, specifically in institutions where multi-use applications exist
  • Utilizing mobile technology to address secure access control, as well as other needs specific to higher education campuses and their end users
  • Collaborating with the right stakeholders for buying decisions in a dynamic market 

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