White Paper

Implementing Secure Print

HID Global

70% of organizations have suffered a print-related data breach, but still focus most of their security and privacy efforts on only digital channels. However, more and more organizations are recognizinng the important of implementing secure printing solutions. But where to begin, especially if you want to ensure that whatever secure print solution you implement is done cost-effectively and efficiently? And how to avoid adding cumbersome layers of complexity that could frustrate your employees or slow down productivity?

In this white paper, you will:

  • Learn the basics of secure print and why it is such a critical step to protecting patient, employee and company data
  • Get a detailed breakdown of the two most vital components to successfully and cost-effectively implement secure print—identity credentials and readers
  • See how secure print supports sustainability efforts and compliance with new, stringent privacy laws
  • Learn what you need to discuss with your key ally—your printer manufacturer or managed printing partner

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