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How does inline smart card personalization work?

Card printers are now available with integrated smart card readers allowing users to manage the data on a contactless smart card during the print process. When submitting a card to a desktop printer equipped with an internal smart card reader, one seamless step will direct the printer to personalize the outside of the card while reading or writing data to the smart chip on the inside of the card. All in one automated process!

Why use inline smart card personalization?

  • Simplified Enrollment Process – Operators no longer need to perform the second tedious task of jumping between applications and manually entering the card ID numbers into their credential management solution. The card is ready to go with one stress free click.
  • Saves Time – With the elimination of the second tedious step, inline personalization operators can focus on other tasks and get the cards in the hands of the card holders expeditiously.
  • Less Stress – Automating the smart card enrollment process eliminates the stress of accidentally entering the wrong card number into the credential management solution.
  • Happy Card Holders – When using the outdated two-step process, card number errors aren’t discovered until the card holder tries to use their newly issued card. This could result in the card holder being locked out of the building or being unable to use their card at all resulting in a poor end user experience.

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Get a $250 discount when you purchase one of two HID card issuance solutions below and any FARGO Card printer equipped with a smart card reader.
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HID SAFE with HID FARGO® Connect Cloud Based Issuance
SAFE Enterprise is a cloud based software that enables organizations to manage identities – employees, contractors, tenants, visitors – and their physical access privileges from a single unified interface. When combined with HID FARGO Connect, it provides a powerful tool to centrally manage card printers while issuing securely contactless smart card credentials in a distributed environment to offices around the globe. Best of all, there are no additional drivers or software to install after the initial setup!
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Asure ID Exchange Card Personalization Software
Want to read your access control card number while the card prints? We have you covered. Asure ID Exchange includes powerful enrollment and encoding modules to ensure a quick and seamless gateway to other existing database sources such as Microsoft® SQL Server®, whether it is installed on a traditional PC or a Windows® Pro Tablet. The iDIRECTOR® encoding and management module improves smart card development and deployment by enabling you to personalize the card graphically and electronically in one seamless process.
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