Integrate and Streamline for a More Secure Airport

HID® SAFE™ for Aviation is the only physical identity and access management (PIAM) solution designed for airport security.

Providing solutions for every step of the aviation security process and helping to manage the complex identity needs of airports, HID SAFE enhances security, ensures compliance and saves time otherwise spent on tedious manual identity authentication.

HID SAFE for Aviation:

  • Creates a framework to integrate siloed systems — giving you the ability to secure workers, contractors and travelers from a single source.

  • Provides a supervisory management system to transform and automate manual workflows and processes.

  • Offers an integrated enrollment, access-provisioning and badging engine to ensure you meet compliance. 

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    Badging Made Simple
    Easy to implement and use, HID SAFE ensures 100% compliance and enables quick information sharing via a web-based portal. 

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    HID SAFE for Aviation
    Manage employee credentials for facility access in one place. Learn how HID SAFE eliminates inefficiencies.

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    Modernize Aviation Security
    Integrated enrollment, access provisioning and a badging engine. See how HID SAFE simplifies aviation security.

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