Simpler Workplace Access Credential Issuance for Everyone: Employees, Contractors and Visitors

WorkforceID™ automates badging workflows by combining cloud-based badge printing services so that you can badge your entire workforce quickly and compliantly wherever they are.

With Credential Manager & ID Badge Issuance, it’s easy to:

  • Automate and simplify the issuance process for all identities. No more slow, manual processes.

  • Know exactly how many credentials are active, for whom, what, why, and how long — at all times.

  • Prevent “zombie badges” from creating vulnerabilities in your security program with automated credential revocation.

    About WorkforceID

    WorkforceID is a new identity management cloud service from HID Global. It provides a growing set of workforce and visitor physical access identity management tools which help your organization address ever-evolving security, compliance and business challenges.

    With WorkforceID, it’s easy to digitally transform and scale how you manage physical access identities and credentials for your workplace, big or small.

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WorkforceID™ Automates and Manages the Entire Workforce and Visitor Management Lifecycle in the Cloud


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