Enhance Your Visitor Experience, Ensure Sitewide Security and Safeguard Visitor Access Policies

The front-desk is where your visitor experience starts—make it a great first impression with a simple and yet effective sign-in process.

WorkforceID™ offers enterprise-grade visitor management that streamlines sign-in while keeping your workplace secure.

With WorkforceID Visitor Manager, it’s easy to:

  • Deliver high quality visitor experiences and minimize wait times by allowing visitors to check-in at a self-service kiosk

  • Customize the visitor experience to your security needs: keep check-in short and simple or require multiple security checks

  • Automate compliance as it relates to visitor access rules and policy-based registration

    About WorkforceID

    WorkforceID is a new identity management cloud service from HID Global. It provides a growing set of workforce and visitor physical access identity management tools which help your organization address ever-evolving security, compliance and business challenges.

    With WorkforceID, it’s easy to digitally transform and scale how you manage physical access identities and credentials for your workplace, big or small.

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WorkforceID™ Automates and Manages the Entire Workforce and Visitor Management Lifecycle in the Cloud


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