Meet Signo™: The Signature Line of Access Control Readers from HID Global

April 29th, 10am BST / 11am CET
Showcasing a sleek modern design and an array of intuitive features, HID Signo Readers are highly versatile, reliably secure and provide a smarter more connected access control experience.

Join Jaroslav Barton, HID Global Product Marketing Director (PACS) and Dahn Sadarangani, Global & Strategic Account Manager (PACS) for this webinar on April 29th at 10am BST / 11am CET to see what HID Signo is all about.

You’ll receive a comprehensive overview of this innovative new reader range and discover how HID Signo will redesign the way you think about access control.

You’ll learn:
  • How HID Signo readers offer unparalleled security
  • What makes HID Signo readers highly versatile and reliably secure
  • How HID Signo readers provide a smarter, more connected access control experience
  • How upgrading to HID Signo enables building owners to future proof their physical access control systems like never before
  • The efficiencies that can be gained from installation through to ownership

Jaroslav Barton
Global Product Marketing Director
Physical Access Control Solutions
HID Global
Dahn Sadarangani
Global & Strategic Account Manager
Physical Access Control Solutions
HID Global

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