Physical Access Control in Higher Education: A Mosaic of Perspectives HID Global

HID Global
While the majority of universities continue to maintain unsecure, vulnerable legacy technologies, physical access control systems (PACS) and credentials are undergoing a massive transformation.

Forward-thinking institutions are increasingly adopting smart card credentials and other incremental technologies, on a path toward the inevitable mobile credential.
In this eBook, Physical Access Control in Higher Education: A Mosaic of Perspectives, you’ll discover how these considerations are driving discussions, especially among higher education institutions seeking ways to embrace technology and improve operations.

A course is being charted toward a more secure, user-friendly access control landscape, one that is aligned to both staff and student expectations in an increasingly competitive higher education marketplace.

Download the eBook to hear from peers in the industry and learn more about the best practices to:
  • Address department silos, moving toward a more streamlined and single-management chain
  • Replace disparate credentialing systems, creating a more secure environment and better user experience
  • Upgrade legacy infrastructure, building a path to modernization

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