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A passport is the only document which allows individuals to travel freely around the globe. It enables people to travel from one country to another, and certifies their identity and nationality. Because it is the main identification document for travelers, a passport is issued according to strict international standards and guidelines.

As global travel has increased over the years, the need to enhance security has grown, resulting in many countries migrating to an e-Passport.

In addition to storing a citizen’s details in an integrated chip, e-Passports can contain biometric data like fingerprints and iris or facial recognition high-resolution images. This prevents data skimming, cloning and identity theft while ensuring more secure citizen identification and a friendly and faster border control experience.

e-Passports are now the main way to identify travelers in the world, representing the first step in a wider digital transformation for a country.

Read this white paper and discover the main advantages offered by e-Passports:

  • Travelers benefit from a better user experience
  • Airlines, airports and port authorities reduce paperwork and facilitate the speed of passenger flow
  • State and government agencies profit from increased security features, making the cooperation between states easier


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