PKI solutions for every certificate use case

Discover a robust range of PKI solutions that protect you from cyberattacks when conducting business in the digital world with other enterprises, end customers or US government agencies. HID IdenTrust™ digital certificates allow you to authenticate, encrypt and create electronic signatures for every type of transaction or activity where identity is a necessary component.

HID IdenTrust offers options that allow you to do business your way while staying protected, whether you desire self-serve functionality or control across the entire certificate lifecycle. From a turnkey solution that allows organizations to download their own certificates, to centralized provisioning and management and to options for integration with smart cards, keys and other hardware devices.

HID IdenTrust provides PKI solutions for every certificate use case including:
  • Website security (TLS/SSL)
  • Document signing
  • Secure email (S/MIME)
  • Timestamping
  • Code signing
  • Digital signing and sealing (US Government)
  • EPCS prescribing
  • DoD ECA

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