Executive Brief

Are You Moving Patients Around Your Healthcare Facility Efficiently

HID Global

No one likes waiting, and waiting for medical care is particularly stressful. It’s no surprise that wait times are closely tied to patient satisfaction scores. It may be more surprising to discover that patient outcomes are also closely linked to patient wait times. It’s a challenge for hospitals to keep patients moving smoothly through the system.

HID Location Services has developed a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) patient wristband to enable real-time visibility to patients throughout their healthcare journey. Discover how this improves patient throughput and provides analytics for continuous process improvement.

Read this executive brief to learn how HID Location Services solves a number of common hospital challenges:

  • Elimination of wasteful phone calls to see if patients are still in a specialty department or post-operative care
  • Delayed room assignment from the Emergency Department (ED)
  • Potential exposure to COVID-19 in overcrowded waiting areas

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