Future-Ready Physical Security Solutions for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions have historically been the subject of physical and cyberattacks. From employees and visitors to monetary and data assets, access to people and information that can be stolen and monetized continues to create complex challenges for security professionals in the industry.

Modernizing physical access control solutions is critical to day-to-day operations and helps to mitigate risk. Key benefits include:

  • Boosting Network Security — A fully secure digital program considers physical security that is scalable and offers integration opportunities. This holistic approach provides defense against security threats to human, asset and IT resources by starting at the door.

  • Supporting Convergence — An integrated approach offers a means to secure user identities in all environments. Centralizing identity management can help ease the administrative burden with physical access and network access linked and under consolidated control.

  • Optimizing Experience – By exploring modern options such as mobile access, FinServ organizations can create a higher level of security and streamline credential provisioning. Mobile credentials can be rapidly and effectively deployed, managed remotely and support both access and identity.

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