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Smart devices, mobile phones and tablets are becoming the control hub for the myriad of connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) – as are bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies in many organizations today. But this is creating unique and heightened security risks for IT professionals, such as higher exposure to data breaches, malware and compliance violations. BYOD is no longer an industry trend; it’s a fact of life for enterprise-wide operations and the IT organizations that must support them.

How to Choose the Right Products for Your Needs

Watch the replay of our 45-minute presentation showing the ways HID and Omni-ID are combining years of innovation and product development excellence to harness RFID and IoT technologies to accurately, robustly and cost-effectively track and monitor assets in production, through process flows or whilst in storage. Discover how trackable assets can take the form of humans or animals, not just pieces of industrial equipment.

You will hear about well-established RFID products that are being deployed in large numbers across the globe and you will get a glimpse into the future of how tracking and monitoring is being taken to new levels using LoRa, BLE, Quuppa and Wirepas.

Watch the replay to learn:  

  • The difference between object and human asset tracking
  • When to use active versus passive tags
  • Which frequency is right for you
  • From a variety of interesting use cases

Meet the Speaker

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Marie Glotz
VP of Sales
HID Global

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