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Navigating a New Era for Security

The 2024 State of Physical Access Control Report


Since HID’s last state of physical access control report, significant changes have unfolded in the world, shaping the way we live and work. It’s clear we’re witnessing a transition from traditional methods to more technology-enabled and data driven solutions.


Our latest access control report sheds light on the key trends shaping this transformation and offers insights into the challenges and opportunities ahead. Here’s a preview:


Convenience rules: when it comes to installing and operating access control systems, ease of use emerges as the top priority for organizations. This emphasis on usability also extends to the end users, where convenience is balanced against security

Mobile’s momentum continues: while traditional credentials remain prevalent, there’s a notable increase and shift to mobile credentials — reinforcing the industry’s drive towards user convenience, without compromising on security

Open standards shift: there’s a growing demand for integrated systems, especially the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), which signals a departure from proprietary technology towards interoperable systems

Biometrics breakthrough: biometric technologies are emerging as a growing trend shaping the future of access control, reflecting the industry’s growing interest in advanced authentication methods


By understanding these trends and emerging technologies, organizations can make informed decisions and adapt their access control strategies to meet the demands of the modern workplace effectively.


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