Case Study

Using NFC to Transform Security and Management of Architectural Icon

HID Global

Trading paper logs and outdated technology for NFC and the Cloud to enable real-time, efficient building security and management

CityPoint, one of London’s most iconic structures, has always endeavored to operate at the forefront of technology—while remaining quintessentially timeless. On the cusp of the building’s 50th anniversary, CityPoint was losing countless hours due to inefficient and inaccurate paper-based systems for managing the hundreds of building keys, security patrols and contractors required to maintain operations.

HID Global partnered with to create a single solution for all three systems that ensured complete control and visibility, while utilizing existing infrastructure and preserving the integrity of the building’s design.

In this detailed case study, you’ll learn:

  • How new technologies that deliver secure proof-of-presence and frictionless authentication dramatically improve user experience and accountability
  • Why real-time, automatic reports are paramount to building security
  • How solution provide accuracy, transparency, and security for facility operations
  • How to blend new technology with existing infrastructure and hardware to save money on implementation costs
  • Why CityPoint’s commitment to NFC technology ensures that it will continue to evolve and meet the changing demands of the marketplace

Recently, TechTarget and HID Global did a global study of IT professionals to shed light on this challenge. The white paper, As Enterprise Mobility Usage Escalates, So Does Security Risk, offers insights into some of the steps organizations are taking to tame the mobile security beast.

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