The Future of Retail Banking – Navigating the Digital Banking Revolution

Ever-increasing fraud, new regulations (i.e. PSD2 in EU), and a highly competitive landscape pose great challenges for banks.

As financial institutions adapt to evolving consumer and market demands, delivering innovative new services is imperative to staying ahead of the competition. This new era of digital banking brings compelling security challenges that impact revenue growth, regulatory compliance and operational effectiveness.

In this eBook, you will learn about:

  • Key market trends financial organisations face in an increasingly digital and interconnected world
  • How organisations can not only comply with new regulations but use their digital transformation as an opportunity for innovation and growth
  • The impact of Fintech on customer expectations and competition, and why adoption of APIs and Open banking platforms can increase loyalty and customer acquisition
  • How to deliver secure, omni-channel, and personalized experience using adaptive, multi-layered authentication

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