Creating a Better Mobile User Access Experience:

A Joint Webinar from HID Global and Microsoft

In a cloud-based, mobile first world, employees expect quick access to information and services. At the same time businesses are facing increasing threats from data leaks and cybercrime. Current authentication solutions, designed for use with keyboards, just don’t work well with mobile devices. And in this mobile first world, user experience is everything.

In this 20-minute webinar from HID Global and Microsoft, Creating a Better Mobile User Access Experience, learn more about:

  • The trade-offs IT managers face between greater data security and providing a great user experience
  • Why traditional two-factor authentication methods don’t work for mobile devices
  • How a next-generation authentication solution from HID Global enables users to quickly, easily and securely access cloud apps and services on their mobile devices
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Recently, TechTarget and HID Global did a global study of IT professionals to shed light on this challenge. The white paper, As Enterprise Mobility Usage Escalates, So Does Security Risk, offers insights into some of the steps organizations are taking to tame the mobile security beast.

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