Avoiding an Identity Crisis: Why Advanced Visual Security is a Critical First Line of Defense

HID Global

As ID cards become more sophisticated and interwoven into nearly every aspect of life, risks related to identity fraud, physical security, and business losses are likewise rising. The industry has responded with highly specialized technologies that effectively mitigate these risks, but these solutions often come with complex equipment and at costs that are prohibitive for organizations on a budget.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • The true cost of identity theft to your organization
  • Why the convenience of personal data embedded onto ID cards often carries increased risk
  • How to circumvent the need for specialized hardware readers, database access, and proprietary validation equipment in cases where compliance or accessibility is problematic
  • Which solutions have the capability of generating tamperproof and non-creatable visual images while lowering the cost of total ownership
  • New advanced visual security features that are combatting fraud—and reshaping the industry

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