Enhancing Banking Services with Biometrics Authentication

Reap the rewards of improved biometrics technology to ensure transactional security and unparalleled user convenience

Banks and government agencies have long been searching for a way to definitively answer the question: who is transacting? While non-teller-assisted services are expanding, so are threats to security and identity. Thankfully, the promise of biometrics has finally been realized, allowing more people to safely transact…anywhere.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • How – in an age of multifactor authentication – clients’ fingers can become their wallets
  • About the use of handheld biometric devices to provide Public Distribution and Financial Inclusion services in places without an existing ATM infrastructure
  • Why the greatest safeguard for customers is their own identity – and what they have to say about the ease of fingerprint transactions
  • How multispectral imaging has achieved the potential of biometric technology by providing the high reliability imperative to its current success – transforming conventional biometrics in the process

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