Top 10 Considerations: Selecting an ID Card Printer That will Meet Your Needs

A guided evaluation of your options to simplify your decision

Organizations across every industry seek dependable, cost-effective solutions for producing secure ID cards on demand. The spectrum of ID card printing options is broad and the choice can be overwhelming.

This guide simplifies the evaluation process, by defining the ten most important factors to consider before making your selection.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • About Secure Issuance (SI) and its role in creating and distributing highly secure identity credentials
  • How to assess the appropriate level of ID card printer security required to meet your organization’s unique needs
  • About the benefits of selecting a card printing system that is capable of performing multiple operations simultaneously, including high volume card batch printing and automatic supply replenishment
  • Other functions to keep in mind when selecting a secure issuance solution—such as interoperability with your organization’s physical access control system
  • How to protect your initial investment by selecting a versatile, scalable solution that will grow with your organization, reducing total cost of ownership for years to come 


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