GDPR: Balancing Risk and Corporate Reputation

HID Global

In today’s cloud- and mobile-enabled era, identity has become a critical perimeter.

In an increasingly cyber-connected world, enterprises are facing growing challenges to maintaining the secure identities of their customers, partners, vendors, and employees — all while striving to meet provisions of the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

To address these challenges, organizations should consider:

  • Dynamic risk-based scoring, that can recognize threats and automatically deploy increased authentication to protect private information well before a breach or compromise occurs.
  • Securely validating the identities of individuals accessing the data.
  • Innovative identity and access management solutions to prevent massive fines following an audit, while ensuring that only authorized individuals gain access to private information.
  • Utilizing PKI and digital certificates, combined with identity lifecycle management, to deliver high assurance protection for critical data in the organization.

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