PSD2: Risks, Opportunities and New Horizons

HID Global

European banks are charged with granting secure access to customer account information by third party providers (TPP) while more aggressively protecting the security of those accounts. This mandate has disrupted the financial services industry, requiring it to completely rethink existing business models and adopt new approaches in order to remain successful.

The revised Payments Services Directive 2 (PSD2) will enhance consumer experience and protection while empowering financial institutions across EU to seize new opportunities thru their journey of digital transformation. PSD2 puts the consumer at the center of every transaction with enriched security and confidentiality – offering them total control over their finances, without additional risk.


In this webinar, PSD2: Risks, Opportunities and New Horizons, you will learn more about:

The PSD2 framework and it’s impact on financial institutions
 Why the financial services industry's interest in Open APIs and Open Banking is gaining momentum
 How HID Global’s ActivID® layered authentication methods will help financial institutions address the PSD2 requirements – and transform the industry

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