EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management (SVM™) Software

HID Global

EasyLobby SVM™ offers everything needed to automate the visitor registration process—from printing customized badges, to scanning a business card or government ID to capture visitor information, to easily creating reports. EasyLobby SVM has enabled many organizations to replace paper guestbooks with professional visitor management software.

Additional EasyLobby SVM features include:

  • Capabilities for multiple workstations to share a common visitor database
  • Web-based visitor pre-registration by authorized employees
  • Ability to screen incoming visitors against a third-party felony database
  • Integration to over 50 industry-leading access control solutions

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Recently, TechTarget and HID Global did a global study of IT professionals to shed light on this challenge. The white paper, As Enterprise Mobility Usage Escalates, So Does Security Risk, offers insights into some of the steps organizations are taking to tame the mobile security beast.