Executive Brief

Debunking the Top 5 Myths about Smart Card Migration for Colleges and Universities

Get the facts surrounding multi-function smart card migration and implementation

Most colleges and universities agree that upgrading to high-frequency, contactless, smart card technology improves campus security and enhances user convenience. And yet, perceived complexities—from the potential disruption of existing technologies to hesitancy over cost—keep many from implementation.

Let us bust the top 5 myths that have led colleges and universities to be unnecessarily wary of the migration to campus smart cards.

Read this executive brief to learn:

  • Actionable, alternative strategies to “having to upgrade everything all at once” and instead transition at your own pace
  • Why a phased approach permitting the coexistence of parallel systems for months (or even years) is viable and cost-effective
  • How to get the most out of legacy technology and keep a large part of your existing infrastructure in place
  • Strategies employed by other universities that uncovered additional budget dollars to implement smart card migrations
  • The advantages of utilizing multi-technology credentials during your transition
  • How to leverage current card printing technology to expedite issuance and eliminate errors

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