Streamlining the Cost and Complexity of Identity Badging Projects

Learn how to plan and manage a successful credential deployment – from start to finish

The secure credential needs of corporations are becoming more complex as the functions and capabilities of identity badges continually advance. Outsourcing a corporate-wide badging process to a service organization with the scale and resources to accommodate large-volume orders is one way to reduce costs while ensuring high quality, expert design, and front line security.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • Which questions an organization should consider when defining project objectives and card parameters
  • How three key elements – functionality, authentication, and validation – interweave to produce a well-designed and effective ID card
  • How considerations with respect to brand identity and technology specifications may affect the scope of your design in unexpected ways
  • Which new and legacy printing features can best reduce counterfeiting and prevent fraud
  • Best practices to consider when choosing a service provider for your secure, high-quality credential deployment

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