How to Align Information Security and Safety in Healthcare

Learn how to build a multilayered infrastructure that protects patient data and physical security

The move to digitize electronic health information—and the data and privacy breaches that have resulted—have made security a top priority at hospitals. Facility safety, quick and convenient access to patient healthcare information, and secure yet welcoming visitor access can all contribute to better patient outcomes.

The need for trusted identity credentials, increased security at the door, and tracked compliance present a unique mandate for hospitals to merge physical and logical access control through the use of technologies that will support ongoing improvements. In this way, hospitals can continually embrace new challenges in the field—while delivering truly patient-centered care.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • Methods to “layer” your system-wide approach with the latest best practices and authentication technologies to mitigate risk and improve patient care
  • How networked access control and the ability to support multiple badge applications unifies workflow and maximizes investment
  • Why the static technology of legacy systems cannot adequately address the challenges of implementing a physical access control system in geographically diverse or urban healthcare settings
  • How to create truly converged access control—with a single security policy, one credential, and one audit log
  • And more…
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