The Power of Choice: From Standard NFC to Secure Solutions

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In today’s increasingly connected world, a simple, intuitive technology lets you interact with your customers with a simple touch – it’s easy and seamless to integrate and use. Millions of NFC enabled mobile phones and tablets are in the hands of business decision makers to consumers. NFC is secure, convenient and powers measurable interactions. Mobile users want a dynamic and easy experience – NFC is the critical link enabling Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

From standard mobile interaction to exchanging more sophisticated, highly secure business transactions, secure NFC solutions have opened up many uses, for example, proof of presence, electronic visit verification, brand authentication and digital marketing to name a few. HID Global is a trusted partner to guide you as your business requirements change with the dynamics of NFC technology.

Download our white paper for a better understanding of NFC and Secure NFC capabilities and technological background to power your business decisions. This information enables distributors, systems integrators, software developers and others to evaluate their roles in the NFC market and take advantage of the technology of HID Global.

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