Real-Time Location Services: Actionable Data to Enhance Workplace Security, Safety and Efficiency

HID® Location Services is a real-time location system that enables solutions for building management, providing building owners, facility managers and security professionals real-time information to streamline analysis and speed decision making to address the challenges of today’s dynamic workplace. Prepare for emergency response, optimize safety, monitor occupancy and restricted areas, and deliver on compliance and provision resources – all while creating a better employee experience.

HID Location Services combines the power of Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE), WiFi and cloud-based technologies and leverages the locations services platform to provide real-time location awareness and actionable occupancy data.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved Security – Gain transparency into the entry and exit of employees and visitors, even those that pass through access points without adhering to policy. Specify virtual zones and set up alarms or alerts when designated areas are accessed.

  • Increased Safety – Prepare for emergencies with an understanding of building workflows and historical reporting. Monitor room-level occupancy and locate people with instant last-known location data and displayed via map-based visualization.

  • Optimized Building Management and Compliance – Quickly analyze occupancy to determine room, floor or facility usage. Utilize reporting and historical data to evaluate trends over time, gaining operational efficiency and assistance with meeting legislative compliance.

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