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November 2, 2015


HID Global is committed to providing the highest quality physical access control solutions to our customers. As a solution provider, it is important to efficiently manage the lifecycle of our products and functions within them.

Many advancements in the OSDP specification along with the development iterations in both HID's iCLASS SE readers and system manufacturers' OSDP-compliant panels have made it apparent that the legacy autonomous LED/beeper control (reader controlling the default LED, and flashing/beeping on a card read) originating from the need to remove unnecessary conductors (like the red LED line) no longer provide value to OSDP-connected panels and readers. In fact, HID and many of its system providers are spending additional time working the legacy functionality into the OSDP controlled functionality, which is intended to be host-polled master-slave and host-controlled.

In an effort to reduce the overall system maintenance and troubleshooting efforts for panel manufacturers, HID Global will discontinue support for the autonomous LED/beeper function in OSDP-enabled readers.


  • Autonomous LED/Beeper Function


  • End of Sales* – November 2, 2016**
  • Final Scheduled Ship Date – December 2, 2016**
  • End of Life* – December 2, 2016

* Refer to HID Global Product Lifecycle Process for definitions and implications of “End of Sales” and “End of Life”.

** While supplies last. Stock is limited and subject to availability on some of the above models; accordingly, RMAs with replacement units is also limited.

This means that modifications to panel code must be made in order to control the LED and beeper in a pure host-only mode. HID will continue to sell existing configurations of readers with autonomous LED/beeper control until its end of sales. Panel manufactures are encouraged to migrate your OSDP solution to pure host control for LED and beeper as soon as possible. Any integrator/distributor customers should consult your system vendors for life-cycle support plan of both old and new reader configurations.

Contact HID for support on the migration.

Conversion to new parts as soon as possible is encouraged. HID Global has a limited supply of components to be discontinued. Consult the Customer Item Substitute List for more information.
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