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May 15, 2015

Legacy Card Programmers

HID Global is dedicated to providing the highest quality physical access control solutions to our customers. Our commitment to quality includes proactive and efficient management of the HID Global product lifecycle process to ensure a streamlined portfolio that helps you easily select the right solution for each application. This process also provides operational efficiencies for HID Global and our partners, helping us to deliver on our commitment to improve the way we do business together.

HID Global has consolidated features from legacy credential programmers into the iCLASS SE® Encoder (CP1000) and FARGO® line of Card Printer/Encoders. The new credential programmer products also include the following benefits:

  • Support for a wide range of credential technologies, including iCLASS® Seos™, iCLASS SE, iCLASS®, MIFARE Classic and MIFARE DESFire® EV1 with a single device.
  • Flexible Key Management – Manage keys locally or use HID Secure Identity Services.
  • Field Upgradeable – Download software applets to provide additional card technology support.
  • Seamless Migration –From one technology to another without manual data input.

Summary of Legacy Credential programmers being discontinued:

  • HID ProxProgrammer (Base P/N 1050A)
  • iCLASS CP400 Programmers (Base P/N 3150B)
  • iCLASS CP575A Biometric Programmer (Base P/N 6250B)
  • iCLASS CP600 DESFire Encoder (Base P/N 3155B)
  • iCLASS Elite Conversion Tool kit (P/N ICL-CONFIG)
  • Magstripe 420 Encoder (Base P/N 3152)
  • SmartID ProxBurn Programmer (P/N 501-7753)
  • SmartID ReadersTOOLS Programmer (P/N 501-7756)

Timeline for Discontinued Products:

  • End of Sales ** – August 15, 2015*
  • Final scheduled ship date – September 15, 2015*
  • End of Life ** – March 15, 2016

* While supplies last. Stock is limited and subject to availability on some of the above programmer hardware models; accordingly, RMAs with replacement units are also limited.

** Refer to HID Global Product Lifecycle Process for definitions and implications of “End of Sales” and “End of Life”.

We encourage conversion to new products as soon as possible. In many programming situations, the iCLASS SE CP1000 programmers will be a suitable substitute. Please consult the Customer Item Substitute List for more information or contact HID Global technical services for specific questions regarding your migration scenario

Access Substitution List >>

Thank you for your continued business and interest in HID Global products, solutions and services.

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