The time has come to leave outdated access control systems behind

If your organization uses dated, legacy access control systems, like 125kHZ Prox or iCLASS, the door is left open to unnecessary security vulnerabilities. Upgrading to a modern solution not only increases security, it improves overall user experience and creates operational efficiencies.

Modern access control solutions from HID Global enable you to:

  • Increase Security: Less sophisticated Prox credentials can be easily cloned, leaving organizations exposed to potential theft of intellectual property, data breaches, and compliance violations. Modern credentials with higher levels of encryption help remove these risks.

  • Go Mobile: Employees are looking for a more convenient, user-friendly access control solution. HID Mobile Access®, powered by Seos® credential technology, allows organizations to extend access control beyond a smart card to a mobile device, wearable, or tablet.

  • Scale for the Future: Older systems are difficult and costly to maintain, have limited functionality, and cannot be updated remotely. Newer systems allow you to leverage multiple applications, manage credentials from the cloud, and enjoy streamlined upgrades.

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